Album Under Way…

At last, we have begun recording our new album. We couldn’t be happier with the way things are shaping up. This album is certainly going to be a keeper and it’s nice to have engineer, David Newton as part of our team. Eric and I have taken the task of of performing everything (vocals, guitar, bass, vocals, drums, percussion, piano, synthesizer, blah…) on this new album ourselves, with the exception of strings.

Just so there is no confusion. Eric and I are what makes TORCHES. Live we are accompanied by a bass player and long time friend, Braeden Henderson. In the new year you may see some new faces. Very happy with the way everything is panning out. Can’t wait for everyone to hear this new album once it is  F I N I S H E D. Next year sounds like a good time to release it right?

Have you found us here? Until then…


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